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Nancy Freund



An American-Brit in Switzerland, Nancy Freund writes novels, essays, poetry, and flash fiction. She has published two novels, Rapeseed (2013) and Mailbox (2015), an international cookbook, Global Home Cooking (2014), and pieces in numerous literary magazines and scholarly journals. She earned her BA in English/Creative Writing and M.Ed. from UCLA and her MSt, (aka MFA), in Creative Writing from Cambridge University, UK, graduating from Lucy Cavendish College in 2021. 

She is currently working on a book on expats and empathy. 

Flash Fiction



Rapeseed is an unusual coming-of-age story about an extraordinary woman, her bright and quirky teenage son, and their family -- because families mature and come of age too. Carolann Cooper is a synesthete with blended senses. She sees her letters and numbers and turbulent memories in color. Her family's move from small town Kansas to London cracks open her complicated history and exposes secrets she's been keeping with her husband -- and from him as well -- just as her son begins to enjoy new and dangerous freedoms abroad. Carolann must urgently figure out who she really is to reconcile her past with her family's future. Rapeseed is a multi-colored, cross-cultural novel of fine contemporary fiction.

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Global Home Cooking

Inspired by the International School of Lausanne's annual International Day, when the school's diverse families share their culture's favorite home-cooked meals with the 600+ school children, this book lovingly assembles more than 140 recipes, from starters to side-dishes to desserts and cocktails, generously submitted by current and past families and friends of ISL.

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It's 1976. The USA turns 200 while scrappy agnostic Sandy Drue turns 10, finds an electric typewriter in her father's office, and begins turning out page after page on the conflicting demands of burgeoning adolescence and her own quiet search for the Meaning of Life.

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Geneva Writers Group

June 8, 2013

Award - Prize-winning short story "Marcus" by Nancy Freund

Two-hundred members strong, from 25 countries, the Geneva Writers' Group celebrates its 20th anniversary with the announcement of its first fiction prize, awarded to Marcus, by Nancy Freund, chosen by writer, Bret Lott.

"What I liked best about Marcus was the sort of disjointed, fragmented tone and texture of this stark and foreboding tale. A young man trying to figure things out, trying to figure how to tell his story, doing the best he can, and doing the wrong thing. A full and rich and startling story." -- Bret Lott, author of Oprah book club pick, Jewel

The Woolf

June 1, 2013


p 33/39
Keeping Track: On the Trail of Local Writers, Nancy Freund


September 13, 2013


Crazy Perseverence: A Writers Write Interview with Nancy Freund

Indie Author Land

September 20, 2013


Interview with Nancy Freund, author of 'Rapeseed'

Necessary Fiction

September 6, 2013

Research Notes on Rapeseed

Foreword Magazine

August 29, 2013

Feature on Rapeseed

Feature on Nancy Freund, 'Rapeseed,' and Gobreau Press.

World Radio Switzerland

March 7, 2014


Book Banter interview with Nancy Freund

World Radio Switzerland

Discussion on Rapeseed

After Nyne Magazine

April 14, 2014

Rapeseed Review

Squid Inc Magazine

April 15, 2014

Rapeseed Review

Female First

April 25, 2014


Exclusive Interview with Nancy Freund

BBC London

April 9, 2014

Interview on Youtube

20-minute radio interview: Jo Good and Nancy Freund on synesthesia and Rapeseed

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