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Cleveland, OHIO

Cleveland Public Library Youth Services.

Cleveland Public Library. A place to Dream, Create and Grow.


Coolest 'Mailbox' pic ever! If you're on Instagram, check out their page. In fact, if you're not on Instagram, get on it -- cplyouthservices. It's loaded with beautiful, creative book loving -- amazing work! The whole library's site is something else. What an honor. I can't wait to visit Cleveland someday and say thank you in person.

February, 2017

Prairie Village, KANSAS

Taking summer reading to a new level, human-fish Zach and Zoe read 'Mailbox' pool-side... or more specifically in-pool.

July, 2015

Villeferry, FRANCE

Converse-wearing writers at L'Atelier Writers Retreat take a break from their own writing and craft sessions to check out 'Mailbox.' With Michelle Bailat-Jones and Mia Franco.

June, 2015.

Positano, ITALY

My second time at the Sirenland Writers Conference, this time with an Advance Reader Copy of 'Mailbox' in hand, for the Wednesday evening of readings in the beautiful private home just above the book cover on that hillside over there.

Sometimes you think you're experiencing an incredible once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it turns out, it's twice!

March, 2015


Radhika Narain in India. Radhika was the first reader to receive Rapeseed when it was published in September. It just so happens this colorful photo of her family's spontaneous singing at a wedding is one of my favorite synesthetic pics ever. You won't see the novel in this photo, but you can see Radhika in the purple sari, right in the center. (used with permission).

September, 2013


Jacob Preisler takes a fireside ski break with a little light reading in the Swiss Alps. Knowing how reluctantly this die-hard would ever leave the slopes, this photo's existence is quite an honor.

January, 2015


Kimberly Gire sent this photo from Sydney. I love how she shot the picture with that gorgeous, iconic red Aussie postbox. I think it made the British post box on the book cover happy.

September, 2013


From beautiful Gigi Zunjic, my favorite bi-lingual realtor in Florida:

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I’m enjoying your novel. I LOVE all the characters, Carolann, Maryann, Buck, Lyn (whom I have to remember is a guy), Chip, Ticia, Rowan. I’m on chapter 52 and can’t wait to pick up the story again...

I love all the references to places and pubs in London. How did you research this?? How much of the story is from your own personal experiences?? What’s up with Lyn’s hands?!?! How did you come up with this story line? I love it all."

That email made my day. A sweet little house in Pinecrest would have been cool too, but one thing at a time.

September, 2013.


Lovely Irish lass Maureen Walsh Murphy reads an Advance Reader Copy at Rapeseed's launch party, June, 2013. So tempting to tag this one as Ireland -- if you could hear Maureen speak, I'm sure you'd agree.

June, 2013


Poet, novelist, and Geneva Writers Group exec, Elizabeth Hornor Bouquet checks out the Advance Reader Copy at Rapeseed's launch party. When you hear about writers having certain readers in mind as they craft their work, well, Liz is one of the people I like to keep in my mind. Brilliant and discerning!

June, 2013

New Braunfels, TEXAS

Kenda Noah and Katie, book in hand... big, beautiful smile... and note the red-and-green multicolored fingernails! Kenda did her nails for Christmas, but there's a very satisfying multi-colorism about it for a synesthesia fan. Kenda and I go WAY back -- to Mrs. Upton's class in 2nd grade -- so seeing this novel in her hand is pretty awesome. Thank you, KK, for reading the novel, and for this fabulous picture.

December, 2013.

Belmont-sur-Lausanne, SWITZERLAND

First guest-appearance at a book club, 14 British ladies with all kinds of insightful questions about Carolann and Chip and Lyn and Ticia and Kansas and the writing process and synesthesia and on and on... and a little bubbly to go with it. They all signed the bottle, which I will keep forever! This pic made it into The Guardian Witness book review in London a few weeks later.

January, 2014


First photo shot of me with an Advance Reader Copy in hand at Rapeseed's launch. You can tell I was pretty thrilled about making that speech that night. (Ten years to write and publish this novel, remember!) By the way, next time you're introduced to make a speech, I highly recommend you enter the scene to that music they use for a boxer's grand entrance. Even better if your DJ/husband surprises you with it.

June, 2013


Signing stock in Lausanne's favorite English-language bookstore, Books Books Books, after an OFFSHOOTS evening of readings with the Geneva Writers Group, organized by Mary Pecaut and Matthew Wake.

November, 2013.


Beautiful Daniela Rusu in beautiful blooming rapeseed field, near the Arboretum .

Beautiful, beautiful, and MORE beautiful.

April, 2014

Aubonne, Switzerland

"To Beauty!"

Frequent and favorite toast by gorgeous Olga Zhurova. Here she is in the rapeseed field in bloom.

April, 2014

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